Saturday, July 26, 2014

Is the World Getting Weirder or Is It Just Me?

Courtesy Gideon @ Flickr CC
This past month in happy, vacation-worthy West Michigan, the following events made the news:
  • A young man with a Craig's list ad murdered a pregnant teenager and her boyfriend. The boyfriend was rumored to be setting up the young woman to have sex. The murderer kept the girl chained in his basement before killing her and then cut off her boyfriend's head. The head has still not been found. Neighbors remarked that the murderer (who killed himself after the double killings) seemed like a nice, boring sort of guy.
  • A young woman was murdered by her new boyfriend, a Facebook friend, at the gas station/quickie-mart where she worked. He stabbed her repeatedly then helped himself to some money, beer, and cigarettes. He walked out and casually boarded a train with a male friend. 
  • A dozen kids living in marginal neighborhoods shot each other for no apparent reason. 
  • A grandmother riding bikes on a popular trail with her grandson was stopped by a teenager who demanded her bike. When she refused, he knocked her off the bike, took out a gun, pistol-whipped her, and took the bike anyway. It was not a valuable bike. 
These are just the stories I remember off the top of my head, but I have to confess, this kind of thing is starting to bother me. Is the world really crazier than ever or does the news just pay more attention to violent craziness? 

I figure I can 1) quit watching the news or reading it, 2) do something but I don't know what the hell it would be, or 3) blog. 

More and more I think the earth has been invaded by aliens. 

And the aliens are us.